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The Mozambique Canada Maternal Health Project

Reducing maternal mortality through women’s empowerment

We are working to improve maternal, sexual, reproductive and newborn health in Inhambane province, Mozambique. Our partnership between the provincial health directorate and the University of Saskatchewan in Canada addresses health services as well as community and social conditions. Gaps in knowledge, skills, and resources are all challenges, and women’s empowerment is key.

Argentina Munguambe
Argentina Munguambe

Argentina Munguambe

Profiling a Key Team Member - by Jessie Forsyth Argentina's had a long and lively professional history rooted in various components of oral and community health, as well as a long relationship with Saskatchewan. In 1978/79, she completed her "Agente de...

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Mozambique office

Ave. Maguiguane, Nº 13, Bairro Balane I, C.P. Nº 4
Cidade de Inhambane – Província de Inhambane, Moçambique

Ave. Maguiguane, Nº 13, Bairro Balane I, C.P. Nº 4
Inhambane City, Provínce of Inhambane, Mozambique


Canada office

Joanne Blythe, Administrator

Room 215, St. Andrew’s College
University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, SK   S7N 0W3

P: (306) 966-8272 

F: (306) 966-7920